The sound of nothing

Sunnmørsalpene 2

As you approach Storfjord you may find the lines between the mountains, the water and the sky become blurry. The tree covered slopes of the mountain meets the fjord, and the green tints the water, just like the blue is reflected in the foliage. The black hollows of the mountain are still filled with snow even in late September, just as it might snow again soon. And it is quiet. Actual quiet is rare, and the sound of nothing can be overwhelming until you get used to it.

Storfjord Hotel Wellness2 Phot Credit @Ingallsphoto Jpg

From your room you will be able to see ancient pines with arms pointing awkwardly every which way, bearded with alectoria sarmentosa, or witch’s hair if you like. Each one unique, and as a group they add a touch of magic to the forest.

You can forage for berries and mushrooms, depending on the season. You will discover that the berries are small, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in flavour.

If the water in the stream is running, dip your hand in and bring it to your mouth. Drinking the cool water straight from its source is refreshing like nothing else, and a wonderful reminder that we too are nature.

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