Luxury for all the senses

Britannia Spa Photo Lars Petter Pettersen 1473

From entering the subtly scented reception area until resting your head on deliciously soft pillows, the sensation of Britannia is one of being absolutely secure, and absolutely comfortable.

The many details of its interiors are pleasing to the eye, and its fabrics and upholstery soft and rich.

Tastes and textures in every shade of delicious are found in the hotel’s restaurants and bars.

Should you hear music, you’ll find it unobtrusively sets just the right tone. Breakfast is accompanied by a gentle trickle from the water fountain.

Britannia Spa Photo Dreyer Hensley Job 12102

The spa area especially was designed to please all the senses, to remove distractions and promote a sense of calm. You’ll find steam as well as icy water, hard exercise and soft massages, and stone elements contrasted with luscious wood begging to be touched.

Britannia Spa Photo Lars Petter Pettersen 104