The Lysebu kitchen

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There is true pleasure to be found in discovering the tangy acidity of a fermented plum or the succulence of a mountain pig neck roasted just so. The Lysebu kitchen savours each opportunity for sharing these kinds of experiences with guests. It is a contemporary fine dining kitchen with respect for local culinary history. Traditional ingredients, some all but forgotten, are revived in the hotel’s own kitchen garden, sourced from nearby producers or simply found in the forest. Innovative use of ancient preservation techniques like fermentation, smoking, pickling, salting and jam, yield results that surprise and delight.

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A young and ambitious pastry chef who aims for her creations to inspire creativity in all who taste them. “I know and love the rules of my craft, so when I break them I do so for a reason. I want to give people a physical sensation that something significant just happened”.

Some say Lysebu has the most exquisite and carefully curated cellar in Norway. It is stocked with the very finest wines, but also with bottles chosen for the tales they embody. Ask the sommelier and you may hear, as well as taste, stories of love, of loss and of the deep blue sea.